CUBES Surveys give you clear insights into what really matters. Utilizing our platform helps you to understand and improve your customer journeys by thoroughly understanding your customers' feelings and seamlessly linking your survey to your customer journey map using ARIS software.

CUBES Surveys not only collect an unlimited number of responses, but also group questions and assign scores and weights. This way, you can assign a numerical result to qualitative data like questions, optimizing your analysis through the power of data. With CUBES Surveys, you can create, edit and publish unlimited surveys and collect unlimited responses. Acquire a better understanding of your customers along the user journey and connect your surveys to your social media channels.

You can also generate a static QR code for your survey and get lifetime aggregated results in real time.

Enjoy complete control in a matter of weeks with CUBES

Integrating the CUBES Platform into your organization is a seamless process that takes just a few weeks to implement. We make it easy for you to define, monitor, control and govern the following aspects of your organization:

Personalize CUBES according to your brand guidelines

Achieve a uniform look across all your organizational software by branding CUBES according to the brand guidelines of your organization. Branding CUBES also allows for improved adoption of the solution, with it being viewed as part of your organization's application landscape.


CUBES helps you cut down on time and costs while boosting engagement and analysis.


Here's how your organization can benefit from CUBES platform.

Small and dedicated groups

Our experts create the best-suited project plan according to your complex structure.

Tailor-made solutions

We curate the most viable solution based on your unique requirements.

Pleasant work environment

Our solutions transform your work environment into a place of happiness and success.


What Cubes can do for you

We help your organization realise success

With CUBES Surveys and the integrated ARIS software extension, customer journey mapping becomes a seamless process. As a crucial factor to achieving customer service excellence, customer mapping incorporates the detailed analysis of how your customers interact with your organization. With ARIS, a full set of customer interactions is documented and analyzed to provide feedback and impressions on the customer experience.



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