CUBES Platform

Govern your enterprise with a comprehensive vision using CUBES.

Our platform covers more than just the conventional method of performance management, extending to cover integrated risk and compliance factors for an all-round view and single repository solution.

CUBES bridges the gap for organizations by connecting a host of business elements together in one platform and by expanding to business continuity and compliance. Enterprises would then gain comprehensive visibility and better control over their performance, strategy, risk, operations and much more. Reach complete corporate governance now!

Why Choose CUBES

Here's what CUBES Platform offers to your organization.


Manage and connect a host of Strategy and Performance elements with Business Continuity and Compliance.


Empower in-depth data feeds generated from various sources including entry forms and data integration among other sources within the platform.


Enable comprehensive visibility over Strategy, Performance, Compliance, and other business elements.


Generate qualitative and quantitative data from different sources.


Manage Employee Appraisals and enable Awards Management in one platform.


High-end connectors for improved features and functionalities.


Here's how your organization can benefit from CUBES platform.