What Cubes Can Manage

Monitoring the strategy in terms of objectives and their associated indicators and initiatives across different perspectives or themes.

Monitoring process or service-related performance with impact and causality analysis.

Enabling following up and evaluating employees’ objectives and KPIs while using fully customized appraisal forms.

Managing risks definition, assessment, and mitigation plans along with registering incidents and following up with them.

Monitoring projects and initiatives in terms of actions, progress, and budgets and their related indicators.

Managing the whole award cycle business starting from nomination to final assessment, passing through submission and definition of different awards schemes and assessment criteria.

Planning and scheduling audits while managing their executions through user-defined auditing checklists and enabling monitoring incidents and observations along with their related actions.

Whether internal or public, CUBES supports surveys’ handling through managing their creation, publishing, responses collection, and thorough analysis.